ParamountDax Instant Bonus

Get a Bonus for your trading volume

ParamountDax is the only crypto exchange whiche has this offer. The Instant Bonus is the possibility tomake extra money beside the normal trading.

And it works like that

You open a Instant Bonus contract, set up the time for your contract.

1, 7, 14, 30 or 90 days. In that from you wanted time you have to reach the trading volume what you need to get the Instant Bonus. You dont need to reach 100 percent of the needed volume, to get a small part of the bonus you need to reach at least 25 percent of the trading volume.

Unfortunately it is only connect with the trading bot, so only he can generate the trading volume for you, it is not bad but in the past even the trading by your self was possible.

More Information you will find here: ParamountDax Exchange (check ” Support “)