ParamountDax Exchange

ParamountDax is made italian guys which made an Exchange for Bitcoin & co. whiche is insured, safe easy useable. For me i like ParamountDax because i really see that they did everything to make a good, no the best Exchange for Cryptocurrencies.

ParamountDax has all Licenses, for trading and to offer Wallets.

ParamountDax has a Crypto insurance, call Bitgo. All funds are insured up to 100.000.000. Dollar!

ParamountDax has real offices all over the World. For instant in Italy, England and Estonia.

ParamountDax is not greedy, they share the profit 46 percent with their user.

5 Account Lines they have

Non Line with less than 9000 PRDX

Silver Line with minimum 9000PRDX

Gold Line

Platinum Line

Black Line