ParamountDax Trading Bot

Crypto Artificial Intelligence Grid & Trend Trading Bot

AI Grid Bot

The AI ParamountDax Trading Bot is an automatic trading software that places the orders for you with a grid type trading strategy.

It’s a trading strategy, unlike most other strategies, works best in a sideways/crab market, with no clear direction.

The Profits from the ups and downs of price fluctuations. The more frequent and the greater the price fluctuations, the more profitable the strategy will be.

AI Trend Bot

AI Trading Trend Bot is using a much simpler strategy than a Grid trading bot.

This strategy is more powerful and useful when the crypto trend in the market is clear (price goes up steadily, the so called Bull Market in trading terms) but it can also be used to a trending down market for accumulation purposes (if a user wants to accumulate a certain coin, example PRDX, he will not get pure USDT profits, but it will accumulate the coin chosen.

To give the user the possibility to use 1 or all 2 of the explained strategies, the trend bot has 2 functions that can be set up with only one active or with both: The Buy Side and The Sell Side.

ParamountDax trading account