Daily PRDX Bonus

Claim your daily PRDX Bonus to get your passive income

The daily bonus you can claim on ParamountDax was for me that time the reason to use ParamountDax instead of others. It works like this.

How many ParamountDax Token (PRDX) you will get every 24 hours depends on the amount of PRDX you are holding in your account and from the daily trading volume of the exchange.

For example with an holded amount of arround 40000 PRDX and an exchange volume of 15.000.000 USDT you get aaround 5 PRDX daily.

For now its sound not much but imagine when the price of one token will grow to few euro or the ParamountDax trading volume will become higher.

More Infos: ParamountDax Exchange ( check ” Support” )