ParamountDax Tutorial

ParamountDax ist the newest type of Crypto Exchange. Its safe, your funds are insured plus it has features no others has.

ParamountDax Exchange Tutorial

  • Register an account on ParamountDax
  • Verify your idendity
  • Load funds to your ParamountDax Account
  • Transfer the funds from the main account to your trading Account
  • Start trading on ParamountDax Exchange

How to register an Paramount Dax account?

To register an trading account on Paramount Dax Crypto Exchange visit ParamountDax.

How to verify the identity of me?

If you havent made the verification you can trade till 200 EURO / DOLLAR. To verify you, load the front ans back site of your Passport or ID on the KYC in Paramount Dax.

How to deposit funds to my account?

Go to your Account there you will see Add Balance, go to there and choose the way you like to do it. Load money like euro or dollar, or coins to trade.

How to transfer coins / money to my trading account?

Go to your Exchange Wallet and insert the amount of coins you like to transfer from your Paramount Dax main account to your trading account.

How to trade on Paramount Dax?

To trade on it, you done all you need, now you got an account, you made verifycation, you load money to your acount, now you need to choose the coin you like to buy and with which currency you like buying it. Just check the pairs.

Look like that


We checked a lot of Cryptocurrency Exchanges, and Paramount Dax is really really the best.