ParamountDax Exchange

ParamountDax Tutorial, Info and News

ParamountDax Exchange is a real different Exchange for Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ParamountDax Token (PRDX) and other altcoins.

Before downloading the ParamountDax trading open your user account on the website, on this everything will be easier.

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ParamountDax Staking

Get staking rewards from your cryptocurrencies on ParamountDax

ParamountDax Instant Bonus

Get the Bonus for your trading volumen on ParamountDax

ParamountDax AI Bot

Use the ParamountDax Bot for making win or together with the instant bonus

Daily PRDX Token Bonus

Get your daily PRDX Token Bonus depending on the holded amount of PRDX

PRDX Ecosystem

See for what PRDX Token is useful on ParamountDax

Exchange & Buying Coins

Learn what kind of Exchange modes it has and how to buy different Coins fast & easy